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Oh my god. Just got back from Karen W's house. Am fearful for her mental heath. Seems to have buried herself under myriad craft options. Who would do such a thing?
In other news just visited her blog and was insanely jealous over some stunning printed fabric she bought from Addicted to Fabric the very moment I left her house. Of course I had no other option but to mentally down grade the quality of meals I planned to cook for the family this week and splash out the remaining cash on some of said fabric for self. See pictures.


Hers's some red shoes i tried on at DFO last week and regret not buying. They were $36 can you believe? -that is because they're from the kids section.
Also this groovy dress/top which I got for $35. The great shirt i decided agaist (for $35)? regret that too!!!!!

Autumn Colours

I  love the colour of the pears in season at the moment. They might be floury and over ripe but the acid yellow of their skin is spectacular. Pears are the only fruit I can safely eat so I've always got plenty in the house. It doesn't hurt that they are the perfect fruit for still life and taking photos. I took these because the yellow along side the turquoise has me constantly inspired. I added my other colour obsession - pink/red - in a similar acid shade and took some more photos.