Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ticking One Off

Don't you just love it when you finish a project that's been sitting around for a while? When I was pregnant with Ruby I decided her birth date would be a good deadline for all those outstanding craft projects cluttering my home. The main one was a mirror I had interestingly paper mache'd big scrolls around and then mosaiced an inner border with small yellow and blue tiles I'd fashioned myself from polymer clay. I know, creative genius at work.

Anyway due date creeping up I still hadn't finished it. Truth be told it wasn't quite shaping up as the avante garde masterpiece of the century. And yet I had made myself a promise. On the night I went into labour I sat there at midnight gluing in my mosaic tiles, running out of said tiles, making some more, burning them in the oven, filling the house with toxic polymer fumes, making more, gluing them in - all in between excruciating contractions. I just didn't want to start off my new life as a mother on the back foot - ie with a half done paper mache, polymer tile mosaic mirror collecting dust under the bed. Who would?

That was ten years ago and even though the mirror has long since left us (after a full and eventful life in the back room, the cubby house and then the garage) I still remember the motivation I was able to galvanise in between contractions to Finnish it off. And I draw strength from that when I walk into the studio and see the thousand and ten half baked projects begging for their lives. Here is one such project I somehow managed to get done within a six week period (that's good for me). It's an inspiration/mood board made from a cork tile painted a french blue and a frame I found at the Salvos for $6. So brilliantly kitsch - gold timber scroll work with an inlay of beige linen - I hope my photos show it up - Fabulous! Goes perfectly in the studio whose decor could only realistically be described as Marie Antoinette meets Gidget.

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