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Sadly, nothing.

Sometimes on a weekend when the kids ask what we will be doing that day I callously say "Sadly, nothing" in order to prepare them for the brutality of a day that will be spent around the house doing odds and ends and chores. Normally Archie will throw himself down crying "Why nothing? Why? Why?" in amongst his crocodile tears but today a new maturity showed itself as he wondered about repeating "Sadly. Nothing" in various intonations to get as much humour out of it at my expense as he could. Wish I had it on video.

Alannah Hill

Here are some nice images from the summer catalogue Alannah Hill last put out. I'm not sure I'd wear these clothes - although gosh, they would really suit my lifestyle - but I love the vintage dreamlike quality of the photography.


Flu worse than ever - hate to think then what would be involved with swine flu! Had both kids home with it all last week too. Luckily Col (still in cast and collar bone not yet healed) was able to do all the cooking and walking to the shop. As I am the only one able to drive I got us all up the shops on Saturday to Beyond Q - the local second hand book shop which also has a cafe with great coffee. I exchanged some unwanted books for $35 worth of credit and we were all able to choose something then have coffee and cake. I got an old copy of Mia Freedman's The New Black which is the perfect book to read when you are sick - short little article sized chapters on light topics. Ruby got the first in the Lemony Snickett series for $8 too. It always feels like such an achievement, pulling off a fun day within the confines of illness and not feeling like it's laying waste to your life. I guess that's the challenge. Here's some cute stuff from around the house whch makes me smi…


I am almost definitely wanting to study some art part time next year. Thats of course if I pass an interview to get into the course. I applied for this same course two years ago and an interview date was set. In the post came a letter detailing what would be expected portfolio wise. I had been hoping to use the same musty old portfolio I've been using since 1986 to get into various art courses but when I took a good look inside said folio I began to wince - followed shortly by an almighty cringe. There were no 'assemblages' in there (did they even have those in 1986?) and there was certainly no Computer Aided Imagery. Where was the request, I wonder, for a Poorly Rendered Still Life in Charcoal? My portfolio sported three of those. Times sure have changed. Before I could desperately glue a few assemblages together my little three year old was suddenly hospitalised and diagnosed with a rare osteo disease and I, shamelessly, used this as an excuse to pull out of the intervie…

An unexpected turn of events.

Monday night while bathing kids and getting dinner a stranger rang to tell me Col had had an accident while riding home and needed me to come pick him up. I knew immediately it must be baddish because Col has had accidents before and still managed to drag himself and bike home. "Is it bad?" I asked. "Uh yes" said stranger in clipped tones (a mental image of Alain De Botton only in cycling gear made itself available to me). Slipping effortlessly into the role of Panicky Wife I took down some confused coordinates for a bike path in Aranda, thanked the man and went to get the kids rugged up so we could go and find daddy all bruised and broken somewhere on a bikepath in the dark. Fortunately Col managed to collect himself and call me on his mobile before I had left the house and I convinced him to call an ambulance. Then worried he would fall unconscious again before calling I decided to call them myself. Yes, they assured me without any patronising or making me feel b…

Not the swine flu but a pretty bad one anyway.

What I have learned by now is that April and May are two of the sickest months of the year. Every year. And this one is proving no different. It might seem a bit depressing to go into these months with that expectation but in other ways it can help to be forewarned and prepared. (eg get a haircut in March). Also it avoids the foolishness of expecting otherwise despite years of evidence to the contrary. Not to mention disappoinmtent. And I direct that comment soley to Ruth Ostrow and her book "Life Magic" which is written on the premise we all get in life what it is we expect (because for sure Ruth has time in her day to scour the web for obscure blogs and their opinion of her book.)


What could be better than the retro doll's house? I took the kids to see this exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery last year. I think I enjoyed it more than they did.