Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am almost definitely wanting to study some art part time next year. Thats of course if I pass an interview to get into the course. I applied for this same course two years ago and an interview date was set. In the post came a letter detailing what would be expected portfolio wise. I had been hoping to use the same musty old portfolio I've been using since 1986 to get into various art courses but when I took a good look inside said folio I began to wince - followed shortly by an almighty cringe. There were no 'assemblages' in there (did they even have those in 1986?) and there was certainly no Computer Aided Imagery. Where was the request, I wonder, for a Poorly Rendered Still Life in Charcoal? My portfolio sported three of those. Times sure have changed. Before I could desperately glue a few assemblages together my little three year old was suddenly hospitalised and diagnosed with a rare osteo disease and I, shamelessly, used this as an excuse to pull out of the interview. The disease would probably run it's course over three years. Surely enough time to come up with one assemblage you would think. But here I am mid year 2009 with no Assemblages. Unless you count the weetbix deposits gathering under the kitchen table like stalagmites...

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