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Flu worse than ever - hate to think then what would be involved with swine flu! Had both kids home with it all last week too. Luckily Col (still in cast and collar bone not yet healed) was able to do all the cooking and walking to the shop. As I am the only one able to drive I got us all up the shops on Saturday to Beyond Q - the local second hand book shop which also has a cafe with great coffee. I exchanged some unwanted books for $35 worth of credit and we were all able to choose something then have coffee and cake. I got an old copy of Mia Freedman's The New Black which is the perfect book to read when you are sick - short little article sized chapters on light topics. Ruby got the first in the Lemony Snickett series for $8 too. It always feels like such an achievement, pulling off a fun day within the confines of illness and not feeling like it's laying waste to your life. I guess that's the challenge.
Here's some cute stuff from around the house whch makes me smile.


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GUCCI in Auckland.

Walking up the main street of Auckland this summer I was not expecting to see each side of the road wall to wall with international luxury fashion brands. It's not that Auckland isn't fashionable — to the contrary the country is full of it's own authentic, edgy fashion and creativity (a friend puts this down to the cool temperatures and the crappy television) — it's just that this kind of distinctly European traditional luxury seemed a strange fit. Then a local explained that when the cruise liners dock in the harbour the first thing the tourists see coming off the ship are the bright glossy brands beckoning. Maybe some can afford the $3000 price tags for these dresses? Regardless I love Michel Alessandro and there was no keeping me out of GUCCI, getting to see his work live and in captivity. Clearly I was not their most hoped for customer but the Gucci staff were laid back and fun and allowed me to take these photos as well as giving me a catalogue — sealed in envelo…

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Day nine since the first Intragram infusion and still feeling like I've done ten rounds in the ring. Today got sick of all the net surfing from bed and persuaded C to take me out to The National Portrait Gallery even though he had taken the day off to organise various household things that needed organising. I was too unwell to actually roam the exhibitions but we had a coffee in the cafe and then took on the book shop which has to be the best arts book shop I've encountered. Heaps of brilliant books were added to my wish list but it's this novelty one that really lit my day up - Zombies Hate Stuff. Who knew? According to the author Greg Stones zombies hate all kinds of things. They're pretty disgruntled types but what they particularly hate is kittens, clowns, weddings, sharing, re-gifting and war re-enacters. They also hate...
Hippies and...

Mannequins (and regifting).
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I love images from artist studios and the spaces where they work. This is the amazing studio and gorgeous work of artist Jodie Cunningham. Jodie works in so many different mediums — often recycled materials and always with attention to colour. If you love colour this space is particularly divine.