Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Australia's Next Top Model (again)

Regular readers of this blog (ie my sister and possibly you Karen W) will know how disgusted I was with Australia's Next Top Model - the series on Fox8 which obscenely perpetuates the beauty obsession and thinness imperative our culture places on young girls and women. Well now I feel that I should come clean and admit that I have continued watching the series and that it's just about, like, only my FAVOURITE SHOW EVAH!!!!!!!!! And, like, I really totally want Cassie 2 win.
Poor Cassie. The other girls have picked up on her vulnerability and turned her into the scapegoat for just about everything. It is fascinating really just how mean girls can be. And the worse any one of their particular fortunes on the show are going the more Cassie cops it.
As we dont get Foxtel in our house I am relying on my mum and dad to tape it for me Tuesday nights and then Ruby and I watch it after her netball training on wednesday night. I am using the show as an invaluable opportunity to educate my daughter on the dangers a girl can face when her identity is based on looks and in this way I hope to get accross some very important entertainment .. oops, I mean messages.

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karenw said...

tragic and you didn't fool me for a minute. x {and my word verification is fustsugg, I think i need to make a log of these words for dropping into conversations - i can make up any meaning at all}. study hard for thurs night - you have to cover popular culture. x