Friday, June 26, 2009

Listening to the Cold Sore

Feel like I reached a new fashion low this morning. While getting the kids into the car for school I happened to look down and see I was wearing my tracksuit pants inside out. Rather than sap my energy by changing them in the car however, I decided to brazen it out by imagining they were 'styled' that way- an exposed seams kind of deconstructed look by some up and coming edgy designer. The kind who sends a cage of rats down the runway as a publicity stunt.
Alas it didn't do the trick. Because just as my attitude was whispering "hip on-trend yummy mummy" the cold sore taking over my bottom lip was yelling "Barely Functioning Depressive". The cold sore came up trumps. I am learning that there is no way to hide or compensate for one.
If that's not permission to wear trackie daks inside out outside the house I don't know what is.

PS. The above photos are of the Canberra Autumn as seen in my parent's backyard - and only capture a fraction of it's brilliance!


Cold sores said...

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