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Listening to the Cold Sore

Feel like I reached a new fashion low this morning. While getting the kids into the car for school I happened to look down and see I was wearing my tracksuit pants inside out. Rather than sap my energy by changing them in the car however, I decided to brazen it out by imagining they were 'styled' that way- an exposed seams kind of deconstructed look by some up and coming edgy designer. The kind who sends a cage of rats down the runway as a publicity stunt.
Alas it didn't do the trick. Because just as my attitude was whispering "hip on-trend yummy mummy" the cold sore taking over my bottom lip was yelling "Barely Functioning Depressive". The cold sore came up trumps. I am learning that there is no way to hide or compensate for one.
If that's not permission to wear trackie daks inside out outside the house I don't know what is.

PS. The above photos are of the Canberra Autumn as seen in my parent's backyard - and only capture a fraction of it's brilliance!


Cold sores said…
Cold sores occur due to herpes simplex virus. The symptoms are itching, tenderness, soreness in skin. Some herbs are effective in treating it like, echinacea, liquorice, goldseal, chapparel and lomatium. Many prefer vitamin E oil, alcohol or ice. Lysine, Vitamin B, arginine is also effective. But one should always consult doctor first before using mentioned all above remedies.

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