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Open House.

Have only just discovered Open House - a site that visits the homes of creative s around (it seems) the world. It's like Christmas to discover the archives that will provide such veiwing pleasure in the weeks to come (who am I kidding? the hours). These images are from the latest house featured - Sandra from Van San - an interior designer from the Netherlands.

Too Cute.

How adorable are these kilt pins with tiny babushka dolls hanging? Just one of the sweet birthday treats from my lovely friend Magella.

Some Welcome Rain.

Glory be to Ruby who has broken the Canberra drought this week by painting the outdoor table in "Poppy".

Universal Complaint

It can't be easy being five years old and trying to get your message accross. Frustrated recently by his inablity to get out the exact right words, Archie has taken to more visual means of communication. Aided by the universal symbol for DON"T (A circle with a slash through it) he has signalled to his family what is acceptable and what is not.
I wonder if this would pass muster in all relationships? Someone has a problem with something you've done? Do as Ruby does with Archie now and just tell them to "Put it in writing".
Sisters should not share your allocated time on the computer.

Sisters should not slam doors -if you do I wont love you. (See love heart on right hand side with a cross through it).
When returning home from a party sisters should share out the lolly bag by half.
Please don't put honey on my crumpet.

What's upset the prom princess?

Have been playing around a bit with photoshop. I love that you can take any old measly drawing, put in a fab background and voila!

In the studio today.

Back from Dubbo!

On our break to Dubbo we:
- enjoyed two days of amazing animals at Dubbo zoo.... - went down a cave in Wellington and saw millions of years old stalegtite formations.... - took photos of ourselves outside The Dish in Parkes... - ate our combined weight in hot chips....
Did You Know...Dubbo was once the ocean line? In the walls of an underground cave inWellington are fossilised sea shells - their spiral and fan like shapes as striking as if they were the shells themselves.

Only Their Mother Can Tell Them Apart

We are off to Dubbo zoo for a few days. See you when we get back!