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High School Reunion.

Looming on the near horizon is my High School Reunion. We have been a lazy year and didn't do a ten year reunion - nor a twenty year - so now that it is actually happening you would think enough time had passed to be self actualized about the high school experience and embrace a return with it's opportunity to meet up with those I have not seen since school and yet seem to remember (most at least) quite vividly. Perhaps that's the problem???? Even though there is a handful of old students I still see and will accompany on the night I have found myself dreading the prospect ever so slightly and begun to think maybe I just wont go. But because I still live in Canberra (where I went to school and where the reunion will be) there is little excuse not to go. Or is there? Here are some possible outs I have come up with. Each with it's own difficulties and advantages. Excuse 1 Have won an overseas holiday and trip co incides with school Reuinion. To be truly convincing must actu…

In The Studio Today

A card made to thank my acapuncturist Mei Wu. I like this because I think it actually looks like her. How many people can say they have been honored in a polymer clay collage? Hope she liked it.

Existential Crisis

My liitle boy starts school next year. I can't believe it. Only seems like yesterday I was driving home on Ruby's first day at school and thinking "Thankgod I've got a baby waiting at home". Now he's ready to spread his wings too. Of course ever the optimist I fear an existential crisis looming the minute I wave goodbye at the Kindergarten door and head home to an empty house. Even Col has warned I should have something in place - be it job or study or medication.... I ponder my options almost continually as my state of mind swings from happy to stay at home doing nothing (a fabulous new euphinism to describe a day in the service of a household's physical, mental, social and administrative needs) or get some paid work and much needed validation from the outside world or studyVisual Design part time - and fulfil a goal I've had all my life. One day I am telling Col I want him to do a CV for me and vowing to make appointments at an employment agency. The…

Seven Circle Scarf

Here is a photo of self in new Seven Circle Scarf which I somehow wrangled a friend into making for me. I can't knit but Karen can as was evident when she turned up at the school in her own Seven Circle Scarf. A few compliments later and voila! we were on our way into what is fast becoming a a great art and craft supplies precinct in phillip to buy charcoal coloured wool for said scarf. Now it is done I feel I could easily pass for one of those ladies you see in art galleries who have accessorised from the gallery gift shop!


More fun in photo shop. this time giving the studio a nostalgic 1960s treatment!

Carried Away.

Bit obsessed at the moment with this dream luggage. Very expensive though so must sell my soul on ebay.

Some polymer craft.

A collage using polymer clay, mini string pearl beads and pastel board for it's suede like texture. Definitely fifties inspired and also inspired by vintage wig mannequins!

Made me smile today.

Sweet William

I found this on Australian blog I haven't seen this done before anywhere. So much more to see there, it'll take a while to go through the archives.