Thursday, August 27, 2009

High School Reunion.

Looming on the near horizon is my High School Reunion. We have been a lazy year and didn't do a ten year reunion - nor a twenty year - so now that it is actually happening you would think enough time had passed to be self actualized about the high school experience and embrace a return with it's opportunity to meet up with those I have not seen since school and yet seem to remember (most at least) quite vividly. Perhaps that's the problem???? Even though there is a handful of old students I still see and will accompany on the night I have found myself dreading the prospect ever so slightly and begun to think maybe I just wont go. But because I still live in Canberra (where I went to school and where the reunion will be) there is little excuse not to go. Or is there?
Here are some possible outs I have come up with. Each with it's own difficulties and advantages.
Excuse 1
Have won an overseas holiday and trip co incides with school Reuinion. To be truly convincing must actually leave the country. Funds an issue.
Excuse 2
Am on call at Canberra Hospital as nuero trauma specialist. Has added advantage of hinting at emminent and unexpected rise in the world since high school graduation.
Excuse 3
Fake own death.
Have only a month to orchestrate one of these.


Anonymous said...

As one of your old high school friends who you still see, and who you will accompany on the night, you are not allowed to drop out. If you do, I will also have to drop out and fake my own death, leaving a few suspicious people wondering where we are....

catherine said...

man, your excuses are so much more thought out than mine ever were. I was caught with, will they think I'm exciting or know I'm a loser who knows it herself, if I don't turn up?
the solution is to go.