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High School Reunion 3

What a shock. High School Reunion committee has imploded with resignation of Chair. Reunion cancelled. Suggestions Chair has made off with Reunion Dinner fund. Say goodbye to $70 early bird payment. Reflect yet again on Chair's unhappy time at high school as most bullied student, his subsequent name change and motivation to be organising said reunion in first place. Reflect on what this means for self. Find urgency to establish status career has lessened somewhat and decide to call off job hunt. Must be content as trophy wife for time being.

For Dark Rainy Days in Spring.

When the sun hasn't shone for a while I find myself relying on little bits of acid bright colour I have dotted about the house. This must be the darkest wettest spring on Canberra record!

Small Matisse picture, cut out of a gallery programme, in a square frame painted turquise.

The citrus yellow cushion I ummed and ahhed about in Domayne for $19.oo and yet makes me smile inwardly every time it meets my eye.

Wearing green and red in acid bright tones.

Canberra Handmade Markets

Here we have the groovy reworked chair I picked up at the Canberra Handmade markets recently. The stall owner of tango and james ,who rescues furniture like this 'from a life of neglect and unspeakable ruin' is the very fabulous Ninaribena who blogs at Canberra's Got Style. I turned up hoping to get one of her cute purses (she no longer makes them!) and came home instead with said chair. Surprise! Since then I've been having carefree fun moving it around house to find it's perfect spot (the half million household chores pile up and mock my inanity as I go). Have narrowed best spots down to:
A. Against blue wall and next to retro buffet (see photo). Perfect for taking phone calls. or B. In lounge against window. Offers perfect vantage point to survey household damage 5 year old is doing with mini soccer ball.
Let us know what you think.
Register now to have a say in the positioning of my furniture.

Inspired by Scandanavian Design.

Have constructed 1950s kidney shaped coffee table for dolls house out of balsa wood and recycled kabab skewers. (Yes, I know there may be some who think way too much time on her hands, get a job, yet still others may say You Go Girl!!! After all what better way of laying your family's financial future to waste than staying home all day constructing retro miniatures????

High School Reunion 2

Have committed to reunion and bought self a ticket ($70). Now all left is to decide what to wear on night and kickstart notable career that will leave old classmates in awe at rise in the world. Shipping Magnate being the obvious choice. To this end trotted off in heels on Tuesday to interview with recruitment agency. As have not been workforce participant for Seventeen years now was not sure what to expect but Melissah, the lovely agent who interviewed me and obviously did not think my CV too laughable, put me immediately at ease and we got right down to determining what area of workforce I might suit best. I didn't want to come right out and say "Shipping Magnate" but I did hint at it by saying "I see myself in Shipping" then proceeded to throw around words like "ilustrious" and "international". Still not sure Melissah and I were on the same wavelength (she kept returning to words like "Human Resources" and "entry level"…

Vintage Shoe Find.

Amazing what you can find at the Salvos on a lucky day. Today these adorable vintage shoes for $5 (yes, I know - $5!!!). Black patent leather, a narrow square toe, grossgrain trim and cute bow. Plus with a chunky - yet somehow elegant - low square heel they are exactly what I was looking for. I could cry then that they secretly pinch my toes blue.

The Recruitment Agency.

Was horrified to find email in inbox this morning from the recruitment agency asking me to come in and have a chat with them about job possibilties. I mean I know I rang them on Friday and sent in my resume yesterday but whoever thought they would reply???? Did they read the resume? They must have missed the bit that said I haven't been in paid work for seventeen years. They must not have noticed the gaping Seven year gap of inactivity I provide no explanation for......

Just About Perfect

More from Open House. This time the owner of Roddy & Ginger.