Monday, September 21, 2009

Canberra Handmade Markets

Here we have the groovy reworked chair I picked up at the Canberra Handmade markets recently. The stall owner of tango and james ,who rescues furniture like this 'from a life of neglect and unspeakable ruin' is the very fabulous Ninaribena who blogs at Canberra's Got Style. I turned up hoping to get one of her cute purses (she no longer makes them!) and came home instead with said chair. Surprise! Since then I've been having carefree fun moving it around house to find it's perfect spot (the half million household chores pile up and mock my inanity as I go). Have narrowed best spots down to:

A. Against blue wall and next to retro buffet (see photo). Perfect for taking phone calls.
B. In lounge against window. Offers perfect vantage point to survey household damage 5 year old is doing with mini soccer ball.

Let us know what you think.

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Jodie said...

Jo, I LOVE your new chair! very art deco! I think you scored a bargain there ;) I think you need to position it near the red lounge agains the window. It looks great next to the lamp.

Jodie x

ninaribena said...

Oooh oooh... FABULOUS!!!Thank you for sharing this, it's so wonderful to see where my work goes!!!

I agree with Jodie, that the chair looks awesome next to the lamp/table (how cool is that???!) by the window.

Love Nina x

LizC said...

I LOVE the chair Jo! Great find! I liked it next to the blue wall best, but I think it looks great next to the lounge too.

karenw said...

You spent how much!?! Sorry just playing with you. Still love the chair and you don't really need to see what damage a boy can do - much better to go to a happy place and enjoy your insanity, I like it near the blue wall.

Luna said...

wise words Karen.