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I'm a Twilight Mom!!!

Just when you fear you are most alone - unique in your own particularly festered case of Arrested Development - you happen accross a website that reveals a population of thousands JUST LIKE YOU. I am talking about the discovery a few nights ago of a website called "Twilight Moms" dedicated to grown women who should know better and who have unexpectedly found themselves obsessed with the popular teen vampire series. In my case it is more of an Edward Cullen fixation - to me Robert Pattinson as Edward in the movie (which I thought was better than the book) does not exist as himself but only the Vampire Edward. Although the series reads somewhat clumsily (Stephanie Meyer is a first time author) she has managed to create a hero that strikes a deep chord with women. I think she has cleverly tapped into the rescue fantasy instilled in us all from the first time we are read Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty as small girls. For this reason alone we should keep such propaganda away from…

A Completed Project.

Finally finished the first of four embroidered bags that have been harassing me. Started these as my 'learn to sew/make friends with the sewing machine' project a few months ago. Feel liberated and inspired to keep going now. This is of a babushka doll with her smallest daughter. For reasons known only to themselves they have a small pink cat. The main part of the bag is linen, the back is in red velvet and the lining (my favourite) is in a white and navy stripe.

Pretty in Pink

Had a wonderful time last weekend at lifeline Book Fair with Ruby. Among other fabulous finds was the movie Pretty in Pink for $1 (in VHS video form it's true but doesn't that make it all the more nostalgic?? Okay, no - cross with self for not getting there earlier before all the good DVDs were gone...). The weather was abysmal - sleeting rain, dark skies and the coldest temperature ever recorded for a spring day in Canberra - perfect for cuddling up in front of the TV with a feel good movie. I had forgotten how good this movie was. The acting is genuinely good (with the exception of James Spader as Mean Rich Guy Steph - seriously did any student ever dress like that?) and Andrew McCarthy's cuteness really does transcend that awful hair do (or is that just me getting old?). No doubt the best part though were the clothes and the settings. Annie Potts apartment was simply to die for and possibly even responsible for the obsession I've had with leopard print half my life…