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Birthday Girls

Another special night out - this time to celebrate the birthdays of Liz and Ros -two friends in a group my email address book affectionately refers to as "School Mums". Ah...but they are so much more! (Karen - how did you miss out on having your photo taken that night? Maybe I was too busy taking 'arty' photos of your dessert?? Or was it because you were so busy letting me carry on about the exorbitant fees of a certain organisation - all the while knowing their Accounts Manager sat at a nearby table - that I quite forgot my photo taking responsibilities??)

Bag No. 2 complete (amazing!)

Can't believe I've finnished two bags now from the 'make friends with the sewing machine' project instigated about 6 months ago. Completing projects has never been my great love mainly because disappointment always sets in somewhere between inspiration and the first stitch. Perseverence paid off with this one and I learnt a lot along the way - such as no need to put all your favourite colours and embellishments in to the one project (yes, believe it or not this is my example of restraint). Also notable exception: stripes. They are welcome anywhere as far as I can see especially as linings.

Inexpensive fun at home.

Todays afternoon fun took the form of:

A tent made of lounge cushions for Archie.

Extraction of a loose tooth with rusty barbeque tongs by Ruby.

Another completed project?

It's hard to know whether to call this cushion cover project complete when the zip insertions are a little dodgy. Obviously you cant tell from the photos and to be fair they are my first ever attempts but it does bug me somewhat just knowing they stilll need work and I still don't really understand the mechanics of zipper insertion (reading the instructions may be a start...). On the bright side I love the fabric!