Monday, November 23, 2009

Bag No. 2 complete (amazing!)

Can't believe I've finnished two bags now from the 'make friends with the sewing machine' project instigated about 6 months ago. Completing projects has never been my great love mainly because disappointment always sets in somewhere between inspiration and the first stitch. Perseverence paid off with this one and I learnt a lot along the way - such as no need to put all your favourite colours and embellishments in to the one project (yes, believe it or not this is my example of restraint). Also notable exception: stripes. They are welcome anywhere as far as I can see especially as linings.


Jodie said...

Charli said that they are 'cool and she wants one!' I said that Jo is very cool and very talented! ;) xxx

Luna said...

Hey Jode, they are the best compliments ever. Thanks!