Thursday, December 31, 2009

Free Style Magazine

As you all know I have a serious magazine addiction. If not for my awesome powers of self control (I know, I'm a legend) my family would be financially adrift, undernourished and threadbare (albiet in a sea of fabulous publications, not wanting at all for lush visual inspiration and on trend creative direction).
I feel like we all came perilously close to such a nightmare/dream scenario earlier this week when in Borders I discovered the first edition of Free Style Magazine. After all what is there to expect when you cross that line for the first time and decide it's alright to spend $37 on a magazine?
Imagine though: A magazine shaped like a circle, the cover styled in retro fifties fashions with custom collage esque machine stitching and all inside a flouro designer frisbee. Be still my heart. I had to have it.

1 comment:

karenw said...

I may have to just drop by your house, you may have to frisk me on the way out... I had supreme self control and didn't spend $39 (the new improved price for my somerset mag that I love). This is special thou. Have a great new year xx