Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post Christmas

A short new year visit up Sydney way to visit Uncle Gareth and Aunty Karen was cancelled due to illness in our household. And not just me - the kids too. I tried to cheer things up a bit by stitching some easy projects from the Felties book I recieved as a Christmas present from Aunty Lynette. The book suggests each project only takes two hours but I don't think that takes into account flus and chest colds. As a result I had to disappoint Archie when the Chihauhau wasn't done before he went to bed. Not to worry - it was ready for when he woke up. As for all the other projects sitting by my sewing machine I thought this might be their time of year, sadly not. Only one bag to go in the Getting To know My Sewing Machine mission and then I'm free. So many other things I'm desperate to try out...

1 comment:

Jodie said...

Love the pic of the chihauhua! Very cute :)

Hope you had a wonderful xmas - love to catch up soon.. jodie xx