Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Solomon's Coat Rack: A Moral Dilemma

About a year ago my dad scavenged a wonderful old vintage hat/coat rack. It was such a find: 6 hooks and an aged timber painted in a soft chalky green. I fell in love. Unfortunately my dad was rather attatched to it and I did not feel I could ask him to hand it over even though I knew how wonderful it would look in my house. Every time I was at my parents home however I would look at it longingly and ask my father if he had decided where he was going to put it yet. A year of longing mournful looks at the hat rack later my dad finally gave in and offered it to me. No, I said nobly, I know how much it means to you so I can not take it away from you. Then my dad offered to cut it in half so we could have 3 hooks each. I had to think for a moment. Was this a test in the style of Solomon - the story in the bible where two women are fighting over a baby claiming it is theirs and King Solomon solves the problem by suggesting they cut the baby in half and then the woman who says no dont do that she can have the baby! is actually the real mother because the real mother would never have the baby chopped in half????? Should I say no, don't cut it in half, you keep it dad to show just how much I loved it and then dad would give it to me because I had proved how special it was? Or would three hooks look really good on that small bit of wall next to my wardrobe?
Just another one of the moral dilemmas I find myself wrestling with on otherwise ordinary day.....

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