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Bag No. 3.

Here is the third bag in my learn to use a sewingmachine exercise. Have mixed feelings on this one. The little red wool top on white linen was the very first thing I did with the machine and as such took a long time to work into a bigger design I felt okay about. Tried out lots of different things but the little bits of text on fabric seemed the best way to balance out all the red and black. Also tucked some text away in the red lining. Its a dictionary description for the word authentic - because I believe little pictures of outfits and their accessories should be authentic............or rather that was the only text fabric available to me (really with text being so popular in design lately you would think there would be more choice wouldn't you?). Anyway cute is still good right?

Jayme McGowan.

These 3D illustrations by Jayme McGowan are just so beautiful I had trouble deciding which ones to showcase of the many found on her blog and etsy site. Not only are they extroadinary for the skill which must be involved but the little story in each one is magical.