Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Free Machine Embroidery.

Here is my (unfinnished) first go at Free Machine embroidery. Have wanted to try this for ages but had no idea how. Then went to You Tube and watched a couple of tutorials and voila! It is so much fun (basically drop the feed dog, fix a darning foot (or not) and you're off. It's like drawing but the needle and thread are your pencil). It's going to be a long time before I get sick of this.
PS these are the first photos taken with my Nikon D3000 saved up for on ebay!!!


Kylie said...

Oh wow! They are just fantastic! and the photos are super cool too. Santa didn't take my hint about a camera for xmas... think I'm going to have to save my pennies too ;) Great post. Kx

karenw said...

I tried some the other day and couldn't even get a loop happening. I think I am as talented at this as real drawing so I will leave this to you and put my amaaazing talents elsewhere. xx