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Has anyone noticed the sharp social commentary to have crept into my work of late? Like for example take a close look at that little Chihuahua.
No? Me neither. And that's of concern because I am about to embark on a part time art and design course at CIT and feel almost sure that this little lot is not what the course directors have in mind. Therefore have only short space of time left to adopt some deeply held opinions regarding the major art movements of the 20th century and also to develop some sharp social observations so they might surface in my work.
Note to self: Must become edgy. Must produce work of more depth. Possibly give chihauhau expressive eyebrows to suggest ironic take on felt.


karenw said…
It's always edgy as long as you put a long detailed explanation to whatever work you do. The babushka doll is your take on modern russia goig back to it's roots after communist rule and a backlash against it's new consumerist leanings. Your embroidered ladies are an ironical look at fashion and shoppping.

Irony is something you can use in every situation to appear edgy and dare I say it - hip in your brave new world.

I am happy to interpret any of your work, I have hung around art galleries eavesdropping on those in black (tryoing not to laugh myself silly). Totally qualified!

Kitsch works well as well.

good luck xx
Kylie said…
Oh how funny! Don't let yourself be intimidated by any of that pretentious babble. I'm sure you'll rise to whatever challenge they can throw at you. Kx
Luna said…
Thanks girls for vote of confidence! I start today at 5.30 (naturally both kids home all day with colds so no time to pick out the perfect black outfit).
Karen I applaud your insight. Not everyone gets that from my Babushkas. Subtlety is everything...
LizC said…
LMAO! You guys are hilarious! Sorry the kids are not well Jo, hope they're better soon. And hope you have heaps of fun tonight.
pepper said…
thanks for a monday afternoon giggle as I (sneakily) look at a few blogs :)
I'll be coming back for more later!
x Pepper
Colwyn said…
Chihuahua? I thought it was a fox. You must stop being cruel about your craft efforts - I will do it for you.

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