Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day.

I think, amongst all the different kinds of ways to catergorise people, there can be Adventure people and Creative people. The way I see it Adventure People go out into the world and take some of that back into themselves while in contrast Creative People go into themselves and put some of that back out into the world. While I am in the latter catagory my intended of the last thirteen years is more the Adventure kind. He loves to go out into the world and have new experiences. In contrast I am quite content to be at home and make stuff. Add to that a chronic disease which at times makes grocery shopping something of an 'XTREME adventure' then these differences can be even more exaggerated.
Luckily for me and my intended of the last thirteen years we have our meeting point: we both love books and ideas. Our ideal date is in a book shop. Even better if that bookshop has magazines, coffee and cake like Borders Canberra does. So in the spirit of the day hooray Borders Canberra - I HEART YOU - (even though Paperchain in Manuka is a far superior bookshop with an incredible arts section).
But no, my valentine isn't soley to Borders Canberra for its coffee/read any mag without buying it combo....It's also to my intended who entertained the kids on a rainy weekend while I mostly slept. Best Valentines pressie ever. Xoxo.

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