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Student Life Revisited.

It's been almost twenty years since I was last a student and thus certain things I'd always held to be true about student life as I experience them had been forgotten. Not to worry. Was reminded pretty much within minutes of my first class.

I will have to find out about the person next to me and introduce them to the rest of the class. I will almost certainly be sitting on the wrong side of the room so am last to speak and by that time will be visibly nervous, exhibiting many of the signs associated with social/phobic disorder set out in the DSM-IV. Also will not have heard anyone elses intoductions and will still be asking them their name by the the end of semester.

The first paragraph of the course handbook will not make any sense to me even though I give it three or four goes. Will wonder if am undiagnosed dyslexic. Will recall preference for comics as child over traditional text. Ponder link between creativity and dyslexia. Make mental note to google famous dyslexic artists and other creative geniuses when get home. Wonder if am creative genius. Smile at thought to self. Notice teacher has moved on to unrelated discussion. Will have to ask neighbor which page we are on now. She will give me annoyed look, not least because I did such a bad job introducing her to rest of class.

By end of week two I will have bought the wrong size charcoals and lost the course handbook with all of my notes and sketches. Most likely will have left them on roof of car and driven off without thinking, where upon they will have been driven over. Most likely by own Camry.

The first exercise will be a group one. Have yet to experience a group effort where the result is greater than (or even equal to) the sum of it's parts. Class evaluation rates our group effort fourth best (that's correct, there are only four groups).

It's the frustration I always feel with study and how quickly it can get you on the backfoot.


suet said…
I wondering if my students - mostly gen Y think the same?

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