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Thank Goodness For Dottie Angel.

Help. Have just spent way too many hours on an unsuccessful painting - a self portrait for tonights class. I don't think there are enough hours in the world to save this one. I can barely stand to be in the same room as it let alone post it up here. I honestly don't think I have ever been so mortified by a piece of work and it's not just because I painted myself with Soccer Mum arms. I keep going away and coming back to it in the hope it's not that bad (some times that happens doesn't it?) Nope. Still bad. Doesn't help either that I've let the house fall into dissarray in the meantime. Sigh.
Will post a couple of lovely photo from Dottie Angel to cheer myself up!


Lady Ren said…
I am sure it is lovely- Celebrate creativity!
Kylie said…
Love Dottie Angel :) Hope you work out your painting. I have a real life huge pimple on my nose at the moment and that's not going away either! ;) I keep forgetting it's there and then I see myself and recoil in horror. You couldn't do me up a Dorian Gray number, could you?!! :) K
Luna said…
Thanks guys. Apologise for my little hissy fit yesterday! Everyone at class last night including teachers thought it was 'great'. I still don't like it but have decided to move on with my customary good grace (ha!). Good advice from Lady Ren - I will try! Kylie - I just love the concept of Dorian Gray. Certain mirrors with unflattering light can really give you that Dorin Garyesque jolt can't they? Clever Oscar Wilde!
Lady Bird said…
Your amazing for even attempting it, there's no right or wrong when it comes to self expression...thats what I tell myself when I try to sing :-)

How cute is that wallpaper!!!!
~*~ saskia ~*~ said…
Love love these lovelies on the wall!!

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