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Learning to Draw.

A few weeks in now with the studying and loving it. The fundamentals of drawing and design are being covered and we are expected to keep a visual diary in which we regularly sketch away practising at what we've learnt. So that I don't inadvertently and frivolously doodle away with girls in fun outfitsand find myself at the end of the year with a sketchbook full of them (How Embarrassing) I force myself to attempt interesting and challenging subjects and then reward myself trying pics from Vogue!

Here are my first real efforts of the year. Have decided to brave public scrutiny as I personally find shame to be a fine teacher and excellent motivator. Joking. More like hoping to share here the learning process and with any luck - and lots of hard work - prove (to myself at least) that drawing is something which can be learnt. After all that is what they say....

A couple of years ago I just despaired of my drawing. I had always been the 'good' drawer at school but then done little of it for a long, long time. Then when I did try to draw I was discouraged/disgusted at what I saw and gave up. A year or so ago it occurred to me that all the illustrators I admired, had actually worked hard and studied to get where they were despite their natural talent. Reading an interview with Julie Verhoeven was like a light bulb going off. Oh! You actually have to practice! Someone as gifted as Verhoeven was describing drawing as hard work! I dont know why this wasn't obvious. Why would they have art schools if artists didn't need to learn and practice? And anyway I am always preaching the virtue of practice and putting effort in to my kids. I guess I just didn't like the idea for myself.


sufistiblog said…
Suspending self-criticism and judgement is a vital first step I learnt (was it from "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain"?). I salute your courage and detachment in putting them in the public domain! I like them - very strong, real portraits.

Artists I have known are seldom 100% satisfied with their work, but then if we were perfect we wouldn't need to practice. I must show you a beautiful book about an artist who took years and many roughs to finally come up with the work he had been commissioned to do. It's called "Twenty Heartbeats".
sue said…
I have always love your artwork. All those years ago at school I don't remember you as a 'good' drawer, rather you were (and still are) a 'great' drawer with heaps of natural talent. So glad you are loving the studies.
Luna said…
Hey, thanks Sue!
Lady Ren said…
great work. Nice to meet you.
i love your drawing. looks like you are having fun studying too. must read the link to julie's interview too. thanks for sharing x
Jessica Stead said…
Hey Jo,

So jealous of your natural artistic talent, keep it coming i love it. ox

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