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Molly Hanna.

Gorgeous handcrafted jewellry from Molly Hanna in new York. Don't you wish you owned one? Or could make it yourself? Think of all the estate auctions she went to and all the old ladies who may have once owned and worn the costume jewellry gone into these. I think that's what makes them so special (besides how beautiful they look) - all the history that might be contained in just one piece.

More Yellow (Is there ever enough?).

My Elk beads.
via Easter biccies from my neighbor.
The weather in Canberra has been heavenly these last few weeks. Clear blue skies and crisp autumn air - perfect for hanging around the tennis courts with a book as my six year old enjoys the pee-wee holiday camp. I watch on at adjacent courts as fit retirees play mixed doubles and then adjourn to the gardened areas for thermos tea and home baked treats. What could be more ideal than that???

Uh Oh.

So here we go again. April and I'm down with flu. If history is aything to go by I'll have it for the next three months. I rarely ask Col to take time off work but tommorrow it might come to be. It's a shame as Archie is starting his Pee Wee tennis lessons and I really wanted to be there. Not that Archie did. Want to be there. At Pee Wee tennis lessons. "Are you kidding?" I ask at his protests "I would have loved this opportunity when I was your age!" which was a wierd thing to say seeings I had every kind of opportunity as a child including tennis. Maybe I was channelling some 1950s parenting manual that greenlighted as many references to the Great Depression as you could fit in a day. Maybe it's because I had so much fun at tennis when I was young that I really want one of my children to experience it (are you reading this Ruby? It's still not too late...) and will resort to parenting cliches if need be. Anyway I digress - it's April and I&…

Frenzied and Feverish at the Lifeline Bookfair.

It can only speak to my love of both a bargain and books and magazines that I managed to get up early yesterday and brave the Lifeline Book fair queue despite being in the midst of a really evil flu. This is a date that has been marked on the calendar for months and eagerly anticipated by Ruby and myself all week - not going was not an option. But boy was it worth it. I can't tell you what we spent (really I can't - it's been pushed to the darkest recess of my brain unaccessable by anyone but the most skilled hypnotist) and anyway I like to think of it as an investment. After all when I am done with the many lifestyle and fashion mags I can sell them on ebay can't I? Or else cut them up into a fetching collage. Even stack them into a clever room divider when relatives come to visit. It's a funny atmosphere at the fair though. Bookish sorts queueing for hours as though tickets for some world class rock band are on the verge of selling out. They set themselves up on l…

Mummy's Muffins Made With Love.

Archie has always loved the muffins I make. That's because I make them with love I told him as I packed them in his lunch box. Now all of a sudden they have "too much flour" in them and come home unfinnished. I adjust the recipe - less flour, more oil, more love. Better eat them, I tell him, cos they're made with extra love. They come home uneaten. Still too much flour he tells me. Archie, I say, I am running out of things to put in your lunch box, dont be so fussy, eat the muffins and anyway they are made with love. Archie's teacher calls me over at pick up time. She is concerned. It seems everytime Archie goes to eat his muffin he begins to gag and retch and has to run the toilet. Too much flour I tell her. I think it's best, she says, if you stop sending them to school. I agree, sad of course as I love to make the muffins, making them with love as I do. But maybe we will try some pikelets. And lucky for us the school holidays - which will give me time to f…

Hooray For Holidays (and Elizabeth Peyton).

Hooray, holidays are here and I have a huge (unrealistic) list of things I want to achieve. Ruby and I had a lucky find at the salvos last weekend - the wardrobe we have been searching for to replace the baby one she grew out of ages ago. Of course it was a little more than we wanted to pay  - and is going to take a lot of sanding and repainting  -ugh! - but I know it will be worth it when it's all shiny white and bright...I just know it will make her want to hang her clothes up rather than toss them on the floor, I do, I just...know it.... Other things on the list are getting back to some sewing projects (the ones that have been sitting around sadly waiting for some attention while I got on with the study) and finally do a huge declutter and subsequent ebay blitz. Am totally motivated to do this because there are some great art books I would just love to buy with the proceeds. Anyway will post some beautiful pictures from the beautiful book I want to buy with projected ebay earn…

Assessment time.

A great Easter weekend - weather gorgeous, food yummy - though somewhat marred by thoughts of assessment looming on Wednesday and the work not getting done for it. However just had a successful two hours and hopefully have broken the back of what needs to be provided at the 'interview' style assessment (gulp!) session. Keep picturing my favourite little corner of the house and my retro coffee table with a lovely cup of tea waiting for me when it's all over....

Erica Shires Photography.

Some inspiring photography by Erica Shires to kick off Saturday with. I like everything she does. Especially her fashion photography. Find her official site here.