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Mummy's Muffins Made With Love.

Archie has always loved the muffins I make. That's because I make them with love I told him as I packed them in his lunch box. Now all of a sudden they have "too much flour" in them and come home unfinnished. I adjust the recipe - less flour, more oil, more love. Better eat them, I tell him, cos they're made with extra love. They come home uneaten. Still too much flour he tells me. Archie, I say, I am running out of things to put in your lunch box, dont be so fussy, eat the muffins and anyway they are made with love. Archie's teacher calls me over at pick up time. She is concerned. It seems everytime Archie goes to eat his muffin he begins to gag and retch and has to run the toilet. Too much flour I tell her. I think it's best, she says, if you stop sending them to school. I agree, sad of course as I love to make the muffins, making them with love as I do. But maybe we will try some pikelets. And lucky for us the school holidays - which will give me time to find just the right pikelet recipe. One that can handle the amount of love I'm going to be smothering in...

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Lady Bird said…
too funny.....poor archie, I would Love one of your LOve muffins :-)
Guusje said…
ohhhh, that looks delish....
It's a shame I can't make them.
I'm eating vegetable crudites.....
(can not believe I just said that!)
Niceto meet you!
X g
Kylie said…
They look like divine muffins but I'm feeling very sad actually... I'm thinking and thinking about this Luna... he obviously wants to eat them but why can't he? Has he somehow developed a wheat allergy? Hope you find out what it is. Kx
Luna said…
Thanks Kylie - I will keep an eye out for that though he is still loving his pancakes (cooked incidentally by dad). I had selfishly been looking at it from the side of my suffering the rejection (because of course it is all about me right?! :)
inaluxe said…
That's the most incredible story about muffins I have ever read. I feel for both you and Archie, and I hope the love recipe works perfectly soon. I did laugh of course, but I think that's more about how beautifully you write, and the tenderness in it all. so sweet. xo
mmm those look delicious!

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