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Uh Oh.

So here we go again. April and I'm down with flu. If history is aything to go by I'll have it for the next three months. I rarely ask Col to take time off work but tommorrow it might come to be. It's a shame as Archie is starting his Pee Wee tennis lessons and I really wanted to be there. Not that Archie did. Want to be there. At Pee Wee tennis lessons. "Are you kidding?" I ask at his protests "I would have loved this opportunity when I was your age!" which was a wierd thing to say seeings I had every kind of opportunity as a child including tennis. Maybe I was channelling some 1950s parenting manual that greenlighted as many references to the Great Depression as you could fit in a day. Maybe it's because I had so much fun at tennis when I was young that I really want one of my children to experience it (are you reading this Ruby? It's still not too late...) and will resort to parenting cliches if need be.
Anyway I digress - it's April and I'm sick and against all odds I thought this year would be different. Last year's experience willfully forgotten, the blog post to self ignored. Or perhaps hope just springs eternal. Which is a good thing. I just wish I'd taken the advice I gave myself last year and got my hair cut. Sigh. I look like a Yeti.


inaluxe said…
hope you feel better soon, and I find scarves are a glam way to hide unruly yeti hair - which is kind of what mine looks like right now. Nothing half a tub of kerastase olio curl won't fix. Cheaper to GET a haircut at this rate! Can't say anything on tennis, except that I'm glad my parents just let me paint and draw! ha ha ha. Actually, hates tennis.... but I'm lazy. xoxo
suet said…
Ah, the good old days at the Yarralumla tennis club. Your rendition takes me back to the days of Stan the man and his tennis coaching. Remember when we graduated to the adult compeition and played mixed doubles with my brother and that other guy who's name I have completely forgotten? I think we lost every game - salad days indeed!

Hope the image of the grand old tennis days puts a smile on your face.

xxx Sue

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