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Catty Confrontation.

Lost temper with Cat. It is just as people say. They care only for themselves. Thought would make feel at home with grand gesture. Got out collection of Italian Vogues and called cat over. She couldn't have cared less! Turned up nose and pushed past me. Could not bite tongue any longer. Said "That's it. I am making all this effort to get on and you are making none!" She just looked at me coolly and left the room.


Hmmmm. Concerned with six year olds subject of artistic inquiry. Have gone overnight from drawing colourful pets and hapless dinosaurs to sketches of trench warfare. Where's that coming from? Surely if six year old was needing to express angst in own artwork we'd see drawings of playground arguments or a plate of mummy's muffins. Not unarmed civilians being shot at by tanks as they climb out of trenches. The air raid looks pretty scary too. When asked he said they were in a different classroom for Indonesian Studies and found an "army picture" under the desk he was at. That day he came home, went straight to his room and whipped up the above two page art extravaganza within fifteen minutes. Army Picture sure made impression.      Of course wont make big deal of it. Not that kind of mother. Will tell six year old they are lovely drawings and look forward to one of similar on next years Mother's Day card.

PS Click on images to see all the action.

No More Vanilla

So sick of vanilla. I long for cheese and mayonnaise and avocado...and chocolate cake. But I dont dare. I sat down today with the failsafe cook book and found some good carob recipes that if you pour enough sugar and oil into can almost be shared with friends. Good friends. Friends who wont judge you on the texture of your muffins.

Cat Bonding.

Cat and Self continue to pass one another in house with polite wariness. Feel as am host efforts  to bond with Cat are incumbent on Self. To this end will rent Twilight movies for Cat and Self to watch when others are out tomorrow. Will make morning of it.

Picture: Snowball II from The Simpsons.

Some Eye Candy.


These are to cheer me up today.

Cat Arrives Today.

Cat set to arrive in afternoon. Clear space in laundry for cat bed and buy cat food. Purchase Kit Kat chocolate treat for self. Write short list of rules for Cat to abide by. Include no going in bedrooms and no scratching furniture (please). Laminate and put by cat bed. Start to worry Cat will feel unwelcome. Dash to local  video rental for Garfield 2. Have it playing on television for when Cat arrives. That Bill Murray. Probably best work yet.

Italian Vogue.

It's hard to justify the price of Italian vogue and yet, somehow I do. Flicking through the latest copy  at Borders last week the usual excuses were paraded through my head. Everything from the reasonable "I just won't buy any coffees this month" to the desperate "I'll home school the kids next term" (then the realisation they don't attend a  private school anyway). Maybe if I share some of it though I can turn my private vice into a public good.......

Clunk, Roll.

I try not to go on here about the onslaught of colds and flu autumn brings my way. Not because I'm adverse to whinging - on the contrary, I find it lends me a certain charm  - but because it's hard to find a nice photo to go with a post topic like that. (This may soon change. I am currently working on a series of embroideries of the influenza H1N1 virus, aka swine flu). But in the interests of record keeping, which was one of the original intentions of this blog, I just wanted to get it down here that I have only just recovered from a very nasty knee infection from when my partner pushed me down a flight of stairs a few weeks ago. OK, didn't actually push me, I shouldn't say that. More turned the outdoor light off  just as I stepped out for the laundry. Deliberately. OK, not deliberately. Just turned off a light that seemed to be on for no reason. Though the timing did seem suspicious. And why would I put the decking light on for no reason? Think electricity police me…

Happy Dressing, Bright Colour.

Always the way with clothes - you find the best stuff when you're not looking. Passing by Portman's the other day I glanced at the sales rack outside the shop and spotted this pretty orange/red and blue flowered pattern. It turned out to be a vintage style, Forties inspired silk dress. One Hundred and Twenty Nine dollars reduced to Twenty Five. In my size. > cue hyperventillation <  A fun dress to layer with (true, no real option - it's a Canberra winter after all!) and already I'm loving the orangey red with this creamy turquoise blue cardigan  (a hard colour to photograph correctly, I think I came close though). Not exactly winter colours are they? But a little bit of what might be needed with the temperatures hovering around 6 lately and the sun not showing it's face!

Ghost World - Top Five Favourite Movie.

One of my most favourite movies of all time ever is Ghost World - the movie adaptation of Daniel Clowes cult comic about  misfit teenager Enid and her best friend Rebecca. There are so many reasons why this movie is a treasured DVD in my collection but take for starters the casting - it is pitch perfect. Thora Birch as Enid and Scarlett Johansson as Rebecca are inspired choices for the two alienated yet too-cool-for-school just-graduated best friends but really it's Steve Buscemi as the reclusive Seymour whom Enid befriends which makes the movie. His character is so fully concieved and painfully rendered that at times it's hard to watch. The addition of Illeanna Douglas (totally underated actress), as the hysterical and embarressingly hippie art teacher, is the icing on the cake. But for anyone who appreciates a movie's style as much as it's substance (or even more than!) this movie is heaven from the very first frame. The credits open with the fabulous"Jaan Peh…

Rochas Groovy Autumn 2010 Runway Show.

Heaven is Rochas recent runway show in Paris. Retro seventies, back combed hair, lots of leopard print and all that soft lemon and bright turquoise. As for the pantsuits - sooooo Samantha Stevens. Happy and fun fashion - the best kind of all.