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Clunk, Roll.

I try not to go on here about the onslaught of colds and flu autumn brings my way. Not because I'm adverse to whinging - on the contrary, I find it lends me a certain charm  - but because it's hard to find a nice photo to go with a post topic like that. (This may soon change. I am currently working on a series of embroideries of the influenza H1N1 virus, aka swine flu). But in the interests of record keeping, which was one of the original intentions of this blog, I just wanted to get it down here that I have only just recovered from a very nasty knee infection from when my partner pushed me down a flight of stairs a few weeks ago. OK, didn't actually push me, I shouldn't say that. More turned the outdoor light off  just as I stepped out for the laundry. Deliberately. OK, not deliberately. Just turned off a light that seemed to be on for no reason. Though the timing did seem suspicious. And why would I put the decking light on for no reason? Think electricity police meets possible opportunistic prank. Think two weeks barely out of bed except to go to the surgery and get the dressing changed. Think painful and inconvenient. Anyway the point is: it was nobodies fault. But if it was someones fault they shouldn't feel bad. Don't feel bad honey. 
So what's it like to fall down a flight of stairs? Like anybody I had often found myself wondering the same thing. What would be going through your head for example as you fell??? I was amazed to read once that Princess Diana had thrown herself down a flight  in front of Charles as a kind of cry for help. Which sounds very sad and desperate. In my case I had no idea I was falling until the first clunk-roll in a series of clunk-rolls so was surprised to find my thoughts quite calm. Less "There are three of us in this marriage" and more "Bummer, the final episode of Desperate Romantics is about to start in five minutes". Of course Diana probably threw herself down a long marble staircase where as mine was just nine or ten timber steps. OK, more like six. Alright five. But the final clunk-roll was my skull on concrete. Amazingly no real injuries, just sore bits and bruises  and a friction burn on my knee I paid no heed to. Hence the infection. Which was very painful and inconvenient.  And as I said  - no one's fault.

Image: artists impression of mummy falling down stairs.


mir said…
I'm happy to discover you're blog and you're creativity ! Thanks !
karenw said…
It's good to see you've entirely forgiven Col and hold no deep resentment at all (Ok not deep, right there on the surface for all to see...). Love the illustration, very graphic and entirely accurate.

Hope you are well enough for a night out. xxx
Michelle said…
You are a lovely wife - I would hold blame for a bit longer!

Hope the knee heeled well - bet it was awful.
Ruby-Robin said…
Oh ghee Luna....can't win can u! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Big Hugs ox
Getrealmommy said…
Always blame the husband... always :)

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