Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Dressing, Bright Colour.

Always the way with clothes - you find the best stuff when you're not looking. Passing by Portman's the other day I glanced at the sales rack outside the shop and spotted this pretty orange/red and blue flowered pattern. It turned out to be a vintage style, Forties inspired silk dress. One Hundred and Twenty Nine dollars reduced to Twenty Five. In my size.
> cue hyperventillation < 
A fun dress to layer with (true, no real option - it's a Canberra winter after all!) and already I'm loving the orangey red with this creamy turquoise blue cardigan  (a hard colour to photograph correctly, I think I came close though). Not exactly winter colours are they? But a little bit of what might be needed with the temperatures hovering around 6 lately and the sun not showing it's face!


Lady Ren said...

what a great outfit- I love the color of the sweater.

and flowers pick themselves said...

i love that pattern! gorgeous outfit.

xo Alison

Libby said...

You wear it well... just gorgeous.