Saturday, June 19, 2010

Italian Vogue.

It's hard to justify the price of Italian vogue and yet, somehow I do. Flicking through the latest copy  at Borders last week the usual excuses were paraded through my head. Everything from the reasonable "I just won't buy any coffees this month" to the desperate "I'll home school the kids next term" (then the realisation they don't attend a  private school anyway).
Maybe if I share some of it though I can turn my private vice into a public good.......


Lily said...

oo wow I love the first couple of images, very creative :)

but yea magazines from other countries are always super pricy =\ but sometimes they're worth it ;)

karenw said...

Se what happens when I let you loose in Borders by yourself!!

(actually you know I would have encouraged you just to feel justified about the inevitable purchases i would have made...)