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Cat Issues.

Consult psychologist acquaintance over inability to bond with one's own cat, though in discreet anonymous type manner. Say "My friend is concerned she is not bonding with her cat." Psychologist acquaintance suggests empathising. Says "Maybe your friend should try putting herself in cat's shoes".
Look sideways at psychologist acquaintance "Hmmmm. Thank you, yes, will let friend know".
Am not keen to put self in Cat's shoes but as am humane caring individual with background in Year 12 sociology/fashion magazine pop psychology cannot help ponder the plight of today's cat. After all it cannot be easy living up to Dominant Cat Stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood. For example what becomes of the cat who finds themselves with neither sassy wit nor sideline in sardonic observation?
Determine to let Cat know am understanding of this.


Getrealmommy said…
keep the faith. you will have a break through.
haha- your cat chronicals crack me up!
Colwyn said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kylie said…
I think a bit of mirror psychology is called for... cats are a bit little French waiters: the more you ignore them, the more they fall over themselves to attend to you. Also, the ruder you are to them, the better service you get. Adopt a bit of sang-froid, I say! ;) Kx
Kylie said…
I did mean "like" not "little bien sur ;)

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