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Inspiring Or Just Intimidating?

There is so much amazing art, craft and illustration available to view on the internet that it can be overwhelming. On the one hand it's incredibly inspiring. On the other it can be intimidating and demoralising. I know that's a strong word to use but for anyone who has really just started out on formal training the inspiration found on the web can quickly cross that line. Especially if you glutton it down in big sittings as I do. Then I think how that time should've been spent drawing or painting, doing the hard yards and developing the better eye/hand co-ordination drawing requires. I guess it comes down to this: hard work - the stuff that is going to get you where you want - is hard work. Just hard. Haven't seen my drawing improve in some time despite effort. But if I'm honest it hasn't been the full effort. More just scribbling at 9.30 in the evenings in front of the TV. Need to dig down deeper for more committment than that. Maybe it's just the Canberra weather....these low tempreatures sucking the creativity right out of me... 


Sarah said…
hi Jo - Megan passed on your blog details so we could get in touch...I too have a blog forward to hearing from you sometime :-) xx
Kylie said…
I totally get what you mean - sometimes there is just so much out there that my own efforts seem unworthy of chronicling in any way.
I do have problems with depression though, so I actively try to fight these kind of thoughts. I think everything in life is a matter of attitude. I try to to focus on the inspiration part and less on the comparisons.
We all have our own journey/process/timing whatever...
There is a trite saying that I rather like which may be of some help... "The race is long and, in the end, it's only with yourself."
Good luck with your drawings :)
Luna said…
Thanks Kylie. I appreciate that. :)
karenw said…
self belief and a good cleaner is all you need. xxx
char said…
i understand so so much! i was on the computer the other day, and after looking at several art-websites/photographers/blogs, i felt rather depressed. i kept on thinking 'is it worth trying, if i'll never be as good'
but believe me, it is! because there is no one in the world with a style quite like yours... and there never will be! so keep going :) (p.s. i like your blog!)

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