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The Daily Foto Project.

No nice way to say this - I'm hating the affluenza chandelier. It's a logistical nightmare. Too many pieces, too ambitious and it's going to embarrass the hell out of me in two weeks time when I have to present it to the 'panel' of industry experts. Only one thing to do when this happens: steal some nice pics off etsy and get them to pretty up my blog. These photos come from thedailyfoto - a photographer named Melissa from Australia who is self taught. The images I've chosen here are from a daily photo project where she will take 365 photos in 365 days. Whatever catches her eye on the day I guess. I particularly like her eye for colour and her sense of the graphic. The photos can be bought on etsy where Melissa also tells the story behind the image  and as an added plus $5 of each sale goes to your choice of charity!


Getrealmommy said…
I like the salt and pepper picture. Simple, good color. Why can't I take photos like that?
Pearl said…
Not to ride anyone's coattails or anything, but I have to agree: the salt and pepper picture really spoke to me, too.

Robyn Geering said…
hey hun, just thought I would swing by and have a look at your gorgeous blog - wow, love your style. Would love to swing by a check out your chandelier.
Hey Harriet said…
Nice feature on The Daily Foto Project! I've been enjoying following the project. The S&P shakers photo is one of my faves!
Kylie said…
Great photos - what a fun project... just off to peek at your project now! :) Kx
inaluxe said…
loving the daily photo. never heard of it before - i feel so out of it already! ha ha. Going to go and chekc it out now.

PS had a bit of a smile reading your post on the gender stuff above. :)

Hope you're having a great week! xo Kristina.

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