Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gender Studies 101.

Archie was telling me the other day how funny one of the boys in his class was being, a child with a rep for being the naughtiest boy in the kindergarten class. I said "Did everyone think he was being funny?"
Archie said "Just the boys".
I said "Why don't the girls think he's being funny?"
Archie said "Because they know he's being naughty"
"Don't the boys know he's being naughty?" I asked.
"Yes" said Archie "But they can't help it"
It was hard to know what to say next. You'd probably pay a psychologist with a Phd in gender studies a fortune to reach an insight like that...

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Kylie said...

That is just FABULOUS! (still laughing) :)) Kx