Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Crap Parent Award.

Wow, two awards in one week! First the Versatile Blogger Award and now The Crap Parent Award which I have awarded to my partner and myself for the following incidents.

- Driving our daughter and her friends home accross town from band rehearsals in a car with a clutch about to give. Limping home in the dark having to restart the car every time gears need changing. Of course the kids loved the drama. "We thought we were going to die!!!" my daughter's friend gleefully told her mother, having to be picked up from our place where the trip was finally aborted.

- Sending our daughter off on the state band tour at 7.30 in the morning sans trumpet. Daughter's friend's dad (who is chauffering because our car has dodgy clutch) rings up at destination in panic "Missing a trumpet".

- Discover later on that father of daughter's friend has also stopped en route at bakery for danish pastry when our daughter announces no one has fed her that morning.

We accept our Crap Parent Award as duly deserved and are happy to pass it on to whom ever else feels worthy.


karenw said...

and you forgot about the whole 'mum is poisoning me with dry muffins' incident...

(see - I am judging you from the high moral stand point of being a completly perfect parent)


Michelle said...

Love it. I am having a good week this week - but will surely be up for the award again next week!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Don't you love it when children highlight your short comings

blue moss said...

dont' you hate it when the other parents stop for danish?