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French Hanging.

With the promise of  study wrapping up in a week I've been thinking about the bare walls in my house and what I'd like to do do with them. One option is the french hanging style shown in these pics. They all look wonderfully casual and haphazard but I suspect there's a lot more skill required for this look than it appears and as I may just find out when I try it for myself...


karenw said…
You would do it well, i have no doubt!!

Henry recovered fairly quickly (although i was cranky due to argument with a man on my inappropriate parking when I picked him up..)
matt's Party went really well, and no cleaning up afterwards - very cool!
hope you have a much better week xxx
inaluxe said…
they all look fabulous, but I have to say the last photo is my favourite - what a stunning combo! I think you're right in that the casual haphazard look is actually kind of not so easy to do... it's quite organised in that chaos. I've tried this hanging approach in our house - it is fun, but I haven't got it right yet... but I'd say definately goooo for it - loads and loads of fun, and such a great look! xo Hope you're having a great weekend. K
gretchenmist said…
love this look! just wish it could be done without putting so many nails in the walls ~ that's the bit that would make it hard to do, rearranging with new holes each time!! {renting!}
Kylie said…
I love this kind of hanging! I have plans for something like this in my hallway but I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over positioning for... well, it must be at least five years now! ;) have fun with yours - I'm sure you're much more decisive than me! Kx
dear olive said…
Yes, I love this kind of hanging too! It's funny because last week, I started assembling all our currently unhung picture too, thinking about a wall of frames. So cool. Kellie xx ps I am getting around to the versatile blogger ... chain letter it may be, but an awards an award!
Iveth Morales said…
Oh i love that! i wish i could have a wall like that but i'm too lazy to put it together!

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