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The Versatile Blogger Award.

Excitement plus! I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely (and obviously discerning) Anna of Anna's Paraply. I often fret that my blog can't make up it's mind what it wants to focus on but I'm thinking the word versatile has a really good ring to it. Thank you Anna for this honour! So here's how it's done: First the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

So here we go - Seven things about myself you were dying to know....

1. I don't like classical music but can't help thinking I'm missing out on something.

2. When I was ten I spied Dick Emery - the flamboyant comedian from 1970's British television skit-fest 'The Dick Emery Show' - at our tiny local airport. I bet my cousin I could get Dick Emery's autograph and got the airport staff to take me into the "celebrity" quarters where he was drinking scotch with his entourage at ten in the morning. He was wearing a  decadent long fur coat  with massive amounts of gold bling and when I emerged with the autograph everyone wanted a piece of me.

3.I loved the X-Files back in the 1990s and still can't forgive David Duchovny for not getting in shape for the 2008 follow up movie X-Files: I Want To Believe. I spent the first half hour thinking "When's he going to lose the fat suit?"

4.I dream of the day I get a job in Borders and the manager says "Does anyone want this old pile of glossy international fashion magazines?"

5. I love the movie Ghost World.

6. As a teenager I attended a British boarding school just like the one in Harry Potter. Being a major sports talent they trotted me out to win every single match, game, tournament and race for them. As a consequence I was always too tired to study and thats the reason I didn't perform academically. Oh hang on! That wasn't me, that was my husband. I guess I've just heard that story so many times over the years I've gotten confused and thought it was mine. Sorry.

7. I originally started this blog as a way out of the lost housewife rut I'd found myself in. It worked!

NB. Apologies to my husband for stealing one of his life experiences for blog fodder and who by the way did manage to perform academically despite all the demands put on his resources!

Now to pass on the award. I nominate:

1. Lady Of the Arts.
2. Inaluxe.
3. 3 Sheets.
4. Vanilla Scraps.
5. Ruby-Robin.
6. Dear Olive.
7. Blue Moss.

I hope they all enjoy the challenge!


Kylie said…
I'm still laughing at the boarding school slave story! :)) Thanks for the nomination Luna! Kx
blue moss said…
hi luna
i,too, loved the boarding school story!!!!
you are so sweet
thanks so much
dear olive said…
Um, gee whiz, thanks! And yikes ... way to make a girl feel a little nervous xx
shade of whim said…
great to learn more about you :D

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