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Happy New Year!

Frankie Magazine's recent publication SPACES (a Christmas present of course).

More Sketchbook Project 2011.

The latest double page to reach completion. No real meaning here which is the fun of a sketchbook and is probably why I seem to be falling back on fashion illustration a bit. Astute fashionistas will notice the dodgy Prada knockoff! A big thanks to everyone for their encouragement on my last post - a busy time of year and the clock ticking away at that deadline!  I am having fun with it though - like the cut out bit on the right hand page and also I've stuck pages together and pasted in my sketching (which has been done on a much nicer quality paper) so that the result is a cardboard like thickness to each page. Which is nice.

Sketchbook Project 2011 Efforts.

Here is the first completed double page from my sketchbook. I've been working on 4 open pages at the same time (as you do) but I really don't like my chances for getting the whole book done. I realise now that the project has been going since July (?) whereas I thought October was the start and so only felt one month behind. Now I feel five months behind. Less than a month before I 'postmark' it (sorry, but I don't know what that means - does it mean so long as it is postmarked the 15th of Jan they will accept it no matter how long it takes to arrive??). But I told myself this would not be a stressed project because it is after all the holiday season. Relax.

Giving Thanks, Ex- Voto And Detatchable Frida Kahlo.

I know I complained to anyone who'd listen (Hi Karen!) about having to write an essay AND give a PowerPoint presentation on Frida Kahlo a couple of months ago but the fact is the process was enriching (learning hey, who knew?). I've always been fascinated by Frida Kahlo's circumstances but not so enamoured with her actual work - I just didn't like her style. Researching Frida however and her paintings turned that around somewhat. Now I get it. Still, I wouldn't want to have Frida's My Birth hanging in my living area (Madonna owns the original and decides who'll make it as a friend depending on their reaction) but I do love the kitsch that has grown up around her iconic image and has it's roots in Mexican folk art - the very thing I disliked about her style in the first place. The best part though for me was discovering ex-voto and retablo which were popular in 19th century Mexico and which Frida drew inspiration from. They are small religious paintings …

Completed Affluenza Chandelier.

Phew! The Affluenza Chandelier is complete and has been put past the panel for assessment. Pretty much the most involved project I've ever completed I can finally breath a sigh of relief. It brought it's fair share of stress along the way but I learnt a lot. I now have metal wrangling skills and look at mundane objects and (non vegetable) refuse in a whole new way. I also learnt that if you are sick stay away from permanent super glue based decisions: in these instances blu tac can be your friend. I am also really lucky that we had our assessment in two parts and that I learnt in a forgiving environment that I am NOT, even about a project I know inside out, capable of speaking off the cuff. Fortunately I had a week until the graded panel assessment to get over the virus and learn my presentation off by heart - also rewrite it so it made sense  (that helped, who knew?)  and sell the concept behind my chandelier the best I could. In the end it seemed too much for some flan tins …