Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Advice From A Seven Year old.

Yesterday my seven year old son gave my twelve year old daughter some advice. Fashion type advice for her first day at high school next week. I can't be sure but I think she took it on board.
Like any twelve year old girl she can be very particular about what she wears and I try not to intervene. I did insist on our week down the coat however that she choose a hat and we found a really nice one she was happy to wear, even with a small nautical motif embroidered on the side. Driving home yesterday I suggested she might even wear it at school (we live near the only public school in the state that has no school uniform or dress code) to protect from the heat. No? Bad idea.
I offer to embroider some black felt skulls over the nautical motif for a more morbid take on summer. No again.
Then Archie, listening in, offers up his advice "You could get one with a monkey or dinosaur on it" he suggests. "They are very pop'lar wight now". which made my twelve year old smile. Which means, like I say, that she must be taking it on board.


sufistiblog said...

Teleri loves doing things with dinosaur motifs! If it's cool with a 25 yr old, maybe cool for a 12 yr old too :)

Minnado said...

This made me laugh. Must ask my seven year old what his view of fashion is when he gets in from school.

blue moss said...

Such a great story! I can't believe I let life get in the way so badly that I haven't been here to visit in awhile ...won't let that happen again. Off to cath up.