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Letter To The Future me.

Popping over to Shades of Whim the other day I discovered this great idea you can use in lieu of a new year's resolution list. Just write a letter to yourself at Future Me as if the year is over and you've achieved what you wanted and they will email it back to you in a years time or any other date you choose - however long you think is needed to make the ideas in the letter a reality. I enjoyed Shade of Whim's letter so much I was moved to write my own. After much thought and deep soul searching this is what I came up with: 

Dear Future Me,
W.O.W! I've got to hand it to you. While everyone warned against that controversial drug therapy, overseen by that disgraced former football star-cum-immunologist, you just forged ahead with confidence. And look at you now! The health you've always dreamt of having! It's funny though isn't it? I imagined you  increasing your study load - or at least finishing all those creative projects sitting around the house - not ditching art school altogether. Still, what an inspired move - spending that small mid year lotto windfall on boxed sets of all your favourite TV shows and then parking yourself on the lounge. Sure some people think you're wasting your life but what, with the side effects of that drug therapy being weight loss and collagen production you're suddenly looking ten years younger instead...

Love to see what you come up with!


SueT said…
Love it. See you in Pambula on 20Jan. Am on the mobile until then.
xxx Sue
Ruby-Robin said…
Hey Luna, I love it! I was thinking of you the other day and your writing style and I definately think you send something in to Frankie mag. Your tone is perfect for their mag, i think they would love it (i know I would love to read it in their mag lol)..let me know what you think. Hope you had a great Christmas and new years. I am looking forward to all your wonderful posts for 2011. ox
Kylie said…
Soooo fabulous! What a laugh :)) (Apologies to Your Future Self if offending!) Gotta love that naturally-occuring collagen :) Have a great year Jo :) Kx
Getrealmommy said…
Love it! I needed a good laugh. I was reading what Ruby-Robin posted, and although I don't know Frankie mag, I agree that you have a great tone ( I love sarcasm) and that you are very funny. I say go for it!
dear olive said…
Ha ha ha ha! (Interesting to see if any of these predicted events eventuate ...) xx

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