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My little boy has just turned Seven and is all into his Dad at the moment, not so much me. He just puts up with my hugs and cuddles at most. He only wants Dad to read him stories. Last night I went in to to say goodnight after Dad had finished reading and turned out the light. I crept in. "Goodnight Archie" I said softly and hopefully, giving the little bundle a quick cuddle. He growled and out from underneath the sheets came his cross little voice "Oh look! See this is why I can't get to sleep at night!". Which reminds me of a bit of a shameful incident a couple of weeks back. I'd counselled myself that I couldn't keep forcing hugs on him, would find a different way to love him until he was ready to appreciate me again as the parent of choice. As I walked up the hall I decided I would not feel rejected but instead sit at his bedside and explain that much to his relief I would not be forcing cuddles on him anymore but would still be loving him and when he was ready to cuddle again to just come and get one. "Ahhh" he shrieked when he saw me come into his room and hid under the sheets. I lost my patience. "You know Archie" I said crossly "There are some little boys in the world who don't even have a mother to cuddle them!"
"Oh dear" came my partner's reproach from his station at the computer. I know, I know.....


Jodie said…
Oh Jo this made me giggle! I can just visualise it :) Your last comment is something I would say :) It is hard when your baby is growing up - luckily Miki still likes to cuddle me, but I know one day she will not be so obliging :( Hugs to you! xo
karenw said…
Ahh emotional guilt, we all fall back on it at some stage..

Henry came out with 'it's all your fault' 'why is that Henry? ' because you gave birth to me.." (Luckily this was after a good half an hour of uncontrollable giggling rather than anything too sinister)but it all comes back to that.

Ok. xx
Michelle said…
Yes the trials of being a parent and 'competing' with another good parent. Years ago I was "Daddy" for a day as my two girls were so daddy focused. It worked - the next day they called for me in the morning!! But in my role of being Daddy for a day I had such a mess and so many things to take care of the next day!!

I have also taken Zoe out to find a new Mummy when she was about 4 - I thought I would oblige her request! She couldn't find one!!
Lol, of course! The best laid plans and all of that. He'll be back :)
Getrealmommy said…
I have a daddy's boy as well and it's the worst. "Daddy" this, and "daddy" that. hello? I only gave birth to you, and gave up my career for you-stinker.

I hate that it hurt my feelings, but does. Only human!
Minnado said…
Oh no - I have an almost eight year old boy and I think that it must be hard when they stop wanting cuddles. Mine luckily still gives out hugs (though not in front of his friends of course)HOwever his three year old sister has declared "Kisses are yuk" so I have to try and sneak those in - she gets very cross.
blue moss said…
Both my boys are so much more into their dad than me...but my youngest still wants me to get into bed with him. His bed is the top bunk bed and there are times when its really late and I hear myself saying no and I remind myself that it will end and I go back in and climb the ladder and enjoy the moment and wonder if he will still want me to next time.

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