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Samantha Everton.

The first moment I saw samantha Everton's series of photographs from her Vintage Dolls show I had a feeling of stop the search, the perfect image has been found. It was everything about them - the saturated colour, the decaying vintage grandeur of the sets and props, the surreal quality and not least the subject matter. Everton portrays children at play but there is something slightly uncomfortable at work. Perhaps while at play her child subjects are processing their fears? Her 2007 show which proceeded Vintage Dolls was titled Childhood Fears and comes across darker in both the story telling and the medium. With individual titles such as "Fear of understanding" and "If I keep my eyes closed" (below) you get a picture of childhood as a place of not knowing but also knowing and the changing tension between those two states. With six exhibitions behind her I find Samantha Everton's work endlessly fascinating. If you are interested in seeing more go here.


Iveth Morales said…
I'm completely wowed by this, amazing photography and yeah, it's a bit creepy but that makes it so cool and it's like some uncomfortable dream from childhood, like it brings memories of doubt and the unknown.
Thanks for sharing this Luna! i'll definitely go check more of her work!
Kylie said…
Wonderful!!!! Oh I love them too, Jo! Thanks for sharing these :) Kx
Minnado said…
I love the colours on these, they are kind creepy and beautiful all at once. I have never heard of her work before so thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
gosh! it totally reminded me of The Shining!
Thank you for introducing me to her work!

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