Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Love: The Moldy Doily.

     One of the first blogs I ever began to follow (many years ago now) was The Moldy Doily - the blog of artist and fashion illustrator Kime Buzelli. To begin with I'm a big fan of her illustrative style - the narrative she placed within her work, the beautiful styling and the gorgeous colours she used. Not only that her girls (she paints mostly girls) are not reed thin like so much of fashion illustration but seem to contain the depth of real people. After a while though I was just as excited to see what Buzelli was doing to her apartment - her creativity was just endlessly inspiring. Obviously I was not the only one to think so and in the past couple of years she has worked as fashion stylist on the new 90210. I have to admit I haven't watched this show and even though she has now moved from her apartment in Echo Park LA, I still love to hunt through the archives of The Moldy Doily for it's endless treasures of fashion, interiors and artistic inspiration. These pics (all Buzelli's work) are some of my favourites:


tongchen@seattle said...

Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
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shade of whim said...

what gorgeous images. i love the first!
sorry i haven't been around for a while - life has taken me away from blogland a tad but i'm still touching base with my favs - yours being one of them!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

interesting styling and work! love how busy it all is :)
hope you're having a good weekend.

Getrealmommy said...

why is it when some people put a bunch of stuff together it looks eclectic and cool, and when I try hard to decorate my home it looks like a hot mess?