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Lino Cuts and Waffle Poisoning.

A big BIG thanks to everyone for their lovely, helpful and supportive comments on my previous whinge post. I appreciated them so much and they absolutely helped me move forward. I now have a sculpture that doesn't look unlike me (the goal) and if you are brave enough scroll down to see it's latest progress. I'm only just brave enough to put it up. I actually think it looks more like Special Agent Dana Scully from the TV show The X-Files (but then  I'd always considered there was a bit of a resemblance there. If you are reading this now Gillian Anderson (and why wouldn't you be?) you have the permission to play me in the Hollywood movie version of my life.....).

I also confronted my fears of lino and just committed to doing the best with what I had available (ie focus, health, time, skill). That's all you can do and having a long weekend here was definitely in my favour. Thinking also I might ask for an extension on this brief  -an artists book titled Intimate/Obscure which uses lino print self portraiture to hint at aspects of yourself!- and that should help ease the pressure too.
Lastly just a couple of photos from my mothers birthday brunch last week. Mum has been unwell lately so dad took control of the festivities and produced an impressive effort of a birthday cake. My little boy had also put in requests for his favourite foods - waffles and fresh donuts with sugar and cinnamon. My overriding image from the day is him sitting up at the bar eating waffle after waffle after waffle long after everyone else had finished. Then springing up on the news there would be no school the next day for 20 victory laps of the table. Mum and I agreed he showed all the early signs of acute waffle poisoning...and I think the photo somehow captures that...


Kylie said…
So glad you had a lovely day /weekend, Jo, and Happy Birthday to your mum! :) Your sculpture looks fantastic and I really love your lino pattern - it's so fresh! (Obviously my tute was no help whatsoever - sorry!) I thought you had to print a continuous design for some reason (how do I manage to just 'decide' these things?!) Good luck with getting your extension. Kx
karenw said…
I love the lino print - amazing you haven't sliced into fingers yet..

I have decided the sculpture just needs some lipstick, your glasses and your red hat and it is perfect!

Keep it hidden until the kids are older then youcan put it outside their windows so they are not tempted to sneek out at night (messing with teenager's heads is always fun..)

see you at the school gate tomorrow (unless it's raining of course) xx
Getrealmommy said…
I too love the print (although not an artist, so I have to admit I am not sure what a "lino print" is exactly?
Waffle poisining... well at least your child eats. We went out for breakfast this morning and my son ordered a waffle. He took about two bites. All the more for mama.
Minnado said…
Hello, I really like the way the red jumps out against the green in the lino print. You make me remember how much I used to love doing printmaking. Maybe once we have moved and things settle down I can do some. The sculpture looks good - I could n't do anything like that! I am so useless at 3D.
Your weekend sounds good. Waffles sound delicious.
Thanks again for your comments. I love recieving them and also wanted to tell you I took your advice and got my grubby mitts on a copy of Savvy Chic. I am enjoying it, love her writing style.
Minnado said…
Thanks for the comment you left I think you are right about needing to slow down. I have been trying to do that the last couple of days. I don't know how you manage with studying and parenting. X
blue moss said…
your work is amazing....
and happy late b day to your mom!!
hope you are felling well today
Waffle poisoning for sure! :)
I always thought I was pretty decent at drawing, unless I had to do a self-portrait! Why are those always so incredibly hard? Maybe it is because we are our own worst critics. I imagine doing a self-sculpture is just as difficult - but multiplied by three dimensions!
Hang in there and keep up the great work!

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