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Whinge Alert: Medium Level Complaints.

This is not a happy post.
At least it wasn't on Monday morning when I begun it. However a visit to my acupuncturist, a gorgeous Chinese woman named Mei, who with her deft fingers and magic pins, shifted the previously unshifting virus so that what seemed hopeless on Monday morning is no longer quite so. I had all but given up hopes of study. But now realise I'm still hanging in. Week four and not beaten. Which is good - this is a dream to be studying visual art. And yet....there are problems. And seeings this is a dedicated whinge post why waste it? Here it goes then...I am struggling badly with a life size clay sculpture of  myself (the head part that is). Week four and I'm still getting nowhere. I have photos of it but have too much pride to post them. I hinted to the teacher that I have an odd and particularly difficult face that didn't lend itself to clay replica in the hope she would say "Yes,  I see what you are saying, just do the best with what you have, bravo you!" but she wasn't buying it. All I got was some gentle suggestions and experienced direction. The cheek! Printmaking is also a struggle. The pace is fast and I feel like the only one in the class without any lino cutting experience and without the time and energy to gain it. It's frustrating. I know in the face of circumstances I can't change that what I most need is an attitude change but for the moment pride is getting in the way....
Maybe I just need a cup of tea.


dear olive said…
Don't get defeated! What you're doing is amazing. Hope the tea helps. Kellie xx
Iveth Morales said…
Sorry to read about your struggle! Just let go of the things you can't change.
And that cup of tea sounds amazing, I think it might help :)

I hope everything looks better soon!
Kylie said…
I do understand how you're feeling Jo - perhaps being unwell has contributed to the feeling of being overwhelmed and now that you're better you can begin afresh? I hope so :) I have no helpful hints re clay, however, I can send you a tutorial I've prepared about lino cutting. It's only the basics but if they haven't given you any training at all maybe it will help? Let me know if you'd like it. Good luck hon :) Kx
Luna said…
Thankyou so much everyone for these comments! Kylie would love to check out your tutorial - will be in touch. X.
Getrealmommy said…
oh whinge away! I love that word, and haven't heard it since my brief life in London so long ago.

You can do it! You can do it! A little cheerleading action for you!
Minnado said…
Sorry to hear you are struggling but glad you are not giving up. I am intrigued by the acupuncture.

Your course sounds as if you are doing so many different areas within visual art that maybe some are not going to suit you as much as others. My only lino cutting hint is to warm it first with a low iron or on a radiator so the lino is soft for cutting. I expect that was one you already knew! I would struggle massively with a clay portrait - sounds really hard!
can imagine the difficulty of studying fine art + also the sheer joy!! hope you can push through with your work. wondering what course you are doing? and if you are better now? {accupuncture is the best!}
Luna said…
Thanks guys! Much appreciate your comments!!
Guusje said…
Have tea, nothing a cuppa can't solve....
Good luck!
Ruby-Robin said…
Hey Luna,
Been thinking of you the last few days as I have also been struggling through viruses and infections and am so exhausted! So I just wanted to pop in and see how you were doing, so I am sorry you are struggling, but I hear you! Hope acu will lift you enough to feel you can tackle art school- it sounds hard but fantastic, can't wait to see some of the things you produce. Hang in there ox

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