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Easter Holiday.

So you've probably realised by now that this is not the kind of blog where a nice rosy sheen has been glossed over my life. I am not trying to sell you anything (though send me money if you like), I have a chronic illness, I do not live in a perfect house and my family are so un-photogenic I could only ever post stick figure drawings of them (faces pixelated) or arty photos taken in soft lens from the ankles down. So it wont surprise you any to hear that April is conforming to all expectations by being the crappiest month of the year. I had been literally just hanging in to finish up the terms work, counting the hours down I have to say, till Thursday afternoon when the term would come to an end and so too the painting component I'd come to find excruciating. This was partly due to the self portrait bit,  partly the pace, partly my inexperience with paint and mostly the evil virus that had taken hold (not even talking here about the one on the computer). The plan? I'd take a couple of days off, regroup and begin preparing for the grading interview scheduled for two weeks time. But then I hadn't fully registered the last day being reserved for a bit of Adobe photoshop, turning our final paintings into pdf files (huh?), getting them all special looking and to the printers before the holidays began. Sad to say I'm just not an intuitive learner when it comes to computers. Instead I'm the annoying person next to you at a computer course saying "Excuse me what did he just say about Control F?" or "Excuse me again, I'm sorry to bother you but I can't find the window I was just working on...", until you want to hit me over the head and I feel like the big loser I was when I did Stats at uni and 25% of the whole grade was for using a statistical program and I had no choice but to forfeit that 25% because I didn't even know how to use the coded door lock to get into the computer lab in the first place. Anyway to cut a long story short - I didn't finish my photoshop adjustments which meant instead of using the cheap college printers I had to do mine commercially at 500% the mark up. Also I lost my visual diary, ran around like a mad chook the next day, making two trips back into the school to look for it, mentally relinquished my studies, found it again, took  studies back up again (mentally), realised my children had hair lice, spent the day ridding us of them and washing every bit of bedding and clothing in the house and as a result I've done nothing for mid semester review next week...and all I want is just a few days off. Oh, and it's really cold and dark today.....sigh....
(It's a cute pic of a bunny though, right?). Source.


Getrealmommy said…
I can tell you that you are not alone when it comes to incompetence with computers. I am a total idiot. I have to apologize to our help desk all of the time for my stupid questions. Clueless. Beyond clueless. So sorry you are having a difficult month! I hope things start to look up soon!
karenw said…
Hey, there's still camping to look forward to!!
give me a call next week if you are well and we can take the kids down to the bookshop for hot chocolates. xx
Head lice- oy vey- Hope that is all sorted out by now!?
maya:) said…
soooo cute!!!!

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