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Please No Kisses.

If you are interested in knowing there are other parents out there making a few mistakes World's Worst Mum's is a great site to go to, keeping your sense of humour in self preservation mode as you go. I have just had a post of mine put up today  that describes the struggle I am having with my Seven year old Son making a sudden switch to his Dad as Most Favoured Parent about a year ago. That's a while ago now but doesn't mean I have given up trying. In fact I have come up with a brilliant reverse psychology strategy that involves going in to say goodnight, after story time with Dad, and saying I just want to give him a little cuddle, but please no kisses. It goes like this.
Me: Goodnight. I'm just going to give you a quick cuddle. Remember though no kisses. Him: (confused, and hiding under the covers to resist my cuddle): No kisses? Why not? You love kisses. Me: Yeah, I used to. But not any more. Him: (still confused) But why? Me: (casual) I don't know why. I just do…

Canberra Zine Fair

A couple of weeks back now but here are some photos of my very first Zine fair. A lot of fun given I didn't know what to expect and only had a few cliches in my head styled mostly from the movies Chasing Amy and Ghost World. I had wondered  if sellers would be getting out their sketch books during quite moments and indeed some did. I myself arrived a little under prepared. You may be able to see that from my minimalist display (will know to bring a table cloth next time at the very least) and also was still sewing buttons on throughout the morning. In fact one potential lady customer asked if that (ie. me with my sewing kit attatching buttons) was all part of an installation art piece. "Please. Don't overthink it" muttered my charming and youthful neighbor Rafael, once the lady had gone (not buying one!), who had set himslef up brilliantly to sell his poetry/writings and had, I have to add, immediately put me at ease by telling me my own zine was "adorable"…

Mothers Day.

Here is the mother's day card I received today from my 7 year old son. The dominant theme appears to be "ways mum neglects us"- drawing, painting, sculpting - juxtaposed with a secondary, more insect  related theme - a mid air supremacy battle between a bee and dragon fly. I just love getting my hand made cards from the children  but especially this year as it was starting to look doubtful. On Wednesday I had heard the "hushed' arguments between my 12 year old daughter and her little brother. My poor girl had just been deluged with assignment due dates for school and, worried she would not have time for card making, was trying to ensure her brother would do one. Disagreements ensued, voices raised and then I hear the words no mother wants to hear from their little boy's sweet lips "So when will I get the money?"...Hmmmmm.  I did have to intervene and explain no one wants a card under those circumstances and we all let the vexed situation pass. So …