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Brooch Swap Completed - "The Daydreamer".

Well here I have it, finally, my finished effort for the brooch swap - "The Daydreamer"-  so called because I still have the Surrealists on my mind from last terms study and thoughts of the unconscious mind! I hope my Swapee likes it! Mailed right on the deadline, started 3 days before that once I had my essay and other work out of the way. It's the first brooch I've ever made and I really, really enjoyed it - I'd like to make more but I think I need that little bit of pressure to  get things done (unfortunately). She's made out of mostly recycled materials too. There's a couple of process shots below.... I'm off now to have a look at everybody else's efforts. I've resisted until now in case I got intimidated and stressed about not having started!!!